Leveraging 100 Billion Neurons in our Minds

It was very exciting for me to learn that human brain has 100 billion neurons on the average.

We believe that’s a lot given that we can only simulate thousands of neurons with the best computers available to us today. In 2026, It will be possible to have computers with the same capacity as a human mind.

We’d love to build a new way to learn that helps us leverage our 100 billion neurons without having to add AI-powered brain aids which companies like Neuralink¬†(Elon Musk’s venture). Having such an external brain-drive attached to our head won’t be an elegant solution given that we could build a better mobile learning system and be able to leverage our powerful brains.


The Human Weakness: The Forgetting Curve

Popular ML systems are Hadoop, Apache Spark and various implementations of Artificial Neural Networks.

Current Machine Learning systems don’t forget anything that is being fed/taught to them.

In building Skoolbee, we aim to overcome forgetting curve which states that we forget more than half of our learnings within a day if we don’t revise them on time. We aim to be the revision tool which helps overcome the forgetting curve.

Click the image below for detailed research on this topic.

The Forgetting Curve


In the short run: A Simple Learning Tool

We are building a simple but effective learning assistant for students and professionals alike.

A number of students have tried Flashcards but they don’t sound natural and can be counted as a mugging tool.

Also, the amount of time it takes to create Flashcards may not be worth it. Time would be better utilized in solving real problems or practicing questions/answers or discussing key topics.

Our solution is much simpler. A student can take notes and study as usual and can upload them (typing or taking a picture of paper notes or taking a picture of whiteboard etc) to Skoolbee App.

As soon as you add a note to the app, it will be automatically added to 5 revision lists on different days where one should be revising the same note to overcome forgetting curve. Also, revision reminders will be sent at a chosen time of the day. Once the learner taps on the revision reminder, it will open the revision list for that day. Revision list will contain all the items that are scheduled to be revised today. It will be blurred to help make an active recall. One can tap/click to unblur the notes.


In the long run: Bite-Sized Learning App

Skoolbee allows to keep notes private or share it in a skill group. Anyone can access the shared notes and star (learn) them. More stars a note gets, it is ranked higher in the list. So, the most important content flies to the top in the shared list.

The quality learnings in any area of human endeavor will be made available for anyone to learn by sharing and by further translating them into local languages.

At this point, we only support text/image format of notes. In future, we aim to support audio and video as well.

We also aim to add VR Learning experiences as we work towards building Skoolbee further.

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