Why I built this wordpress theme?

I really like clean design and medium.com which has done a great job of building a blogging product. The only problem is that I want freedom and ability to control what I can do on my blog.

It’s understood that medium.com is a social blogging platform and not just a blogging tool and it is easy to spread great stories in that network. I’ll be probably using it as well to re-publish my posts.

At the same time, I don’t want a third-party between me and my audience. It just doesn’t work in the long term. The third party generally tries to monetize things for itself and leaving very little in the hands of the creators. e.g. lots of people invested heavily in Facebook and now they get very little out of Facebook posts as they’re being monetized smartly by the company. The interests are not aligned.

The same can be said of Medium (or Quora) which has started to monetize in various ways. Its creators aren’t actually rewarded for their work. All contributions are welcome and all rewards are being taken up by the company. It has always been like that and people contribute on such sites initially and when they realize that they’re losing out, it’s too late.

Third party sites should only be used as an outlet and not as the primary publishing tool. The goal should be to drive traffic back to the site/blog you control in entirety.

The problem I faced was that the WordPress isn’t designed as well as I’d like. Multi-column layouts distract a reader’s attention rather than focusing it on the main content. Also, the fonts and spacing aren’t done right. After researching my alternatives, I decided to build a WordPress theme on my own which works as I expect and is designed really well. I hope you like this theme. If you don’t, I’m open to your feedback and comments and I plan to keep improving this theme.

Why not make it open source or public?

I aim to evolve this theme into a great one and create a serious alternative. There are many free themes out there which are being worked upon by contributors. The problem is that the contributors have very little incentive to keep modifying the theme and keep it up to date. Also, the design can go really bad if lots of people are working on it. It has to be designed and evolved in a controlled fashion!

At the same time, I am willing to send you a free copy of theme via email.

Drop me an email to chandi[.]rajan[@]gmail[.]com with “Cleanesto Theme” in the subject line.

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