Amazon can’t deliver big Dettol soaps

I like Amazon Now, an app that lets you order anything and delivers it at your doorstep. It is simple and it works most of the time. Grofers got me habituated into this but I didn’t continue with them because now they’re advertising big sales and not allowing me to pick whatever I want.

Here’s the first time, I ordered big Dettol soaps on April 12, 2017.

It didn’t actually deliver the big dettol soaps. So, I had to order them again a week later.

Eventually, It was shamed and realized that they’re not delivering 125g soaps that I want even the 2nd time and they ended up sending me small Dettol soaps and I complained for the same. They decided to refund full Rs 141.00 and they’ve initiated the refund.

Thank you Amazon for the full refund but I still want my big Dettol soaps.

I’ll have to find them offline!

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