LinkedIn: Stop recommending me a different Mark Zuckerberg

LinkedIn, I know you’re into big data and Reid has asked questions on Quora like,

How can I become a data scientist?

I’ve personally tried some Hadoop, some spark and some artificial neural networks.

It all works most of the time but when it doesn’t work, it feels like it is trying to kill you. Let me remind you this with a Dilbert clip, may be?

Dilbert Machine Learning


I’ve got the same bad feeling when you know that I’ve lived in Indiana and that I’m into tech and a lot of people do follow Mark Zuckerberg, you’re showing me someone like him but a different one.

Is that Mark Zuckerberg, I should be following?

Clicking on that profile brings me this.

Honestly, your ML modelsĀ need some tweaking.

Hope you’ll fix it.



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